Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brothers in the snow

So the boys wanted to go play in the snow/sleet that we had today and so after lunch they got all bundled up. Which really isn't much considering we live in Texas, and I only buy them jackets knowing that there are very few cold, cold days in East Texas. They were so excited to play and were really hoping to make a snowman. hah hah I can't wait for them to see lots of snow one day. Kevin and I are thinking of going skiing next year with the boys. I know they will love making a snow man in more than a couple inches of snow.

Miller had his own mitten snow cone.

Walker tried make a snowball, but to no avail.

Okay, so some background on these next pictures...

After snapping a few shots of the boys I came into make some hot chocolate, knowing that would get cold rather quickly. Well, I had barely gotten started when I think I squeals of joy adn then realize it is screaming and wailing. At this point miller comes in undressing out of his clothes dragging in pine needles and Maddry is trying to walk out the door. I see Walker at the bottom of the hill next to a tree with his underwear almost to his knees. Yes, nature did call and he tried to get his pants down but with cold, wet gloves it didn't work out so well for him and he ending up peeing on his unders, pants, shirt, and gloves. He was so upset and I am trying not to laugh. so here are a few photos of his trek up the hill with his pants down. When I told Kevin the story he asked me if I sang him the American Idol song "Pants on the Floor". I wish I had thought of that 'cause our boys love to sing it.

Oh, what fun memories.

There's nothing like putting jammies on at 1:15 in the afternoon, drinking hot chocolate, and watching The Sound of Music.


Maddry is ONE

For breakfast I put a candle in her sweet potato pancakes. She was more excited about the blueberries and oranges.

I attempted to make Maddry a cake and it turned out pretty well. My mom actually made me a cake like this when I turned 8.

She's crying because she is afraid of the candle. She kept leaning out of her highchair trying to get away. Once we blew the candle out she was fine. (Weird huh... she didn't seem to mind the candle in her pancake)

She kept wanting to share the cake with us.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Autmum is on it's way out

Fall is my favorite time of the year.

We watched a Max and Ruby show where they were raking leaves... so the boys wanted to rake their own leaf pile. Our pile was rather small because we have water oaks in our yard and the leaves are so so small on this type of oak, but that did not deter them from raking, jumping in the pile, hiding things in the leaves, or just throwing them.

Of course Maddry is in the stage where she loves to put anything and everything in her mouth. Mmmm Yummy leaves.

Daddy got home in time to do a little leaf throwing himself.

This was another fun fall memory. Kevin pitched the tent in our backyard and built a fire in the backyard. They were such great helper's. The boys assured us that if they got fire on them, they knew they should... stop, drop, and roll.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat

Fireman ~ Spiderman ~ Kitty Kitty

The boys could not count down the hours fast enough for us to go trick or treating. They scarfed down dinner, we put on costumes, and Kevin painted faces. We were ready to go. Our friends Jason and Hallie live in a safe, family friendly neighborhood. It is the perfect place to tromp up and down streets trick or treating. We went with our good friends the Jenz family. We all loved seeing there excitement running door to door.

...and they're off!

She is ready to go and wants to catch to the brothers.

So a little side note... the paint on the kids face was supposed to be for the face and come off easily, but for some reason Maddry and Walker's did not come completely clean.We went to church the next morning and Walker seemed to have a "five-a-clock shadow" and Mads nose was smudge gray even after using soap and fingernail polish remover.

I love this picture of Miller, he was so surprised by how much candy he got.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Favorite Season

I love this time of the year. The cool crisp mornings, the smell of pine needles, the boys collecting acorns, evening family walks to the pond, and football in the backyard. One of my favorite activities during this autumn season is visiting the pumpkin patch. We went last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Bell Family Farm (Pappy's Pumpkin Patch) is free to public, which is always a big plus. The boys loved every minute of playing, running, jumping in the hay, and searching for the biggest pumpkin to pick up. Maddry ate leaves, and played drums on the pumpkins to her hearts content.

Our little "pumpkins"

Maddry loved walking around the wagon. Maybe she was trying to find a way to climb in?

Miller was 'King of the Mountain' on top of hay bales.

Walker used his muscles to pick up this heavy pumpkin.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Growing Up!

Kevin and I were getting ready for a date night, when Walker reminded dad that he had said he would take the training wheels off his bike. Now, Kevin had taken the t-wheels off in March and Walker had tried a few times to ride down our hill in the backyard and land on the grass. It worked okay... but Walker being our cautious and calculated child wanted to wait to learn how to ride a "big boy bike".

So then, Kevin headed out to take off the training wheels, while I got dressed for our date. In the time it took for me to get dressed and dolled up, Walker came to get me and tell me that he needed to show me he could ride his two-wheeler. I was so surprised, not sure what I would see.

Check this out... Kevin would give him a push and the run beside him and steady him with his hand. It's a little blurry as you can see, I didn't have the right setting.

The next day Walker wanted to ride while Kevin was at work and I so I ran next to him around our driveway once. Because I had stepped on a screw last week and it went through my foot it was painful to run so I challenged Walker to go around our driveway by himself. He took up the challenge. We are so surprised and proud of him. He is loving it and feels so grown up.

Our kids are growing up so fast. With Walker learning to ride his bike, I am reminded that these milestones are just opportunities for me to continue the process of letting go, knowing that in the process there may be some bumps and bruises.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rub a dub dub three kids in a tub

Kevin was going to be home later than normal, and since late afternoon, dinner, and right before bedtime seem to linger on and on, Kevin said he would bring dinner home. (What a treat) The boys are always chomping at the bit waiting for daddy to come home, and well, I would say I feel the same way. We had colored, played blocks, road bikes, fed the kids dinner, rocked in the rocking chair and still no daddy. What do you do to pass the time...

I had not tried all three kids at once. I wasn't sure how it would work. The boys new that they could not get too wild with Maddry in the water with them. They did very well. It passed the time, they got clean, had fun, and then daddy came home to help dry off and get ready for bed.

Assume the Position

Those three words have helped tremendously in drying off our kids after shower or bath time. You know how goofy kids get after bath time and well by that point I'm usually tired and ready to do jammies and bedtime and all they want to do is "the naked, crazy dance"... anyways Kevin is usually the one to shower with the boys, which is a huge blessing to me. He started the phrase assume the position and taught them what the stance looked like, and drying off has become speedy and more enjoyable, with a few tickles thrown in for fun.