Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brothers in the snow

So the boys wanted to go play in the snow/sleet that we had today and so after lunch they got all bundled up. Which really isn't much considering we live in Texas, and I only buy them jackets knowing that there are very few cold, cold days in East Texas. They were so excited to play and were really hoping to make a snowman. hah hah I can't wait for them to see lots of snow one day. Kevin and I are thinking of going skiing next year with the boys. I know they will love making a snow man in more than a couple inches of snow.

Miller had his own mitten snow cone.

Walker tried make a snowball, but to no avail.

Okay, so some background on these next pictures...

After snapping a few shots of the boys I came into make some hot chocolate, knowing that would get cold rather quickly. Well, I had barely gotten started when I think I squeals of joy adn then realize it is screaming and wailing. At this point miller comes in undressing out of his clothes dragging in pine needles and Maddry is trying to walk out the door. I see Walker at the bottom of the hill next to a tree with his underwear almost to his knees. Yes, nature did call and he tried to get his pants down but with cold, wet gloves it didn't work out so well for him and he ending up peeing on his unders, pants, shirt, and gloves. He was so upset and I am trying not to laugh. so here are a few photos of his trek up the hill with his pants down. When I told Kevin the story he asked me if I sang him the American Idol song "Pants on the Floor". I wish I had thought of that 'cause our boys love to sing it.

Oh, what fun memories.

There's nothing like putting jammies on at 1:15 in the afternoon, drinking hot chocolate, and watching The Sound of Music.


  1. what a fun day!!! i wish i was in my pjs watching the sound of music!